Chocolate Covered Strawberry Toppings

The toppings for chocolate covered strawberries are just about limitless, depending on your taste buds and what texture contrasts you find appealing. Shavings from a block of dark chocolate, coconut flakes, melted and crushed nuts are ingredients that really stand out.

Some of the more commonly used toppings

One of the nicest toppings I use when making chocolate covered strawberries  is moist coconut flakes, the coconut leaves a noticeable after taste and compliments the coated strawberries so well . I would suggest using moist flakes if you can as I find eating a strawberry with a large amount of firm shredded coconut a bit off putting, especially once its stuck in your teeth.



Chocolate shavings is an easy addition to the toppings list as you can always just grate off a small amount of the dark chocolate from the block you use for melting. Even though theres no contrast between the flavor of the chocolate coating on the strawberry and the shavings, it adds a beautiful visual appeal along with a soft texture.



Crushed nuts are definitely my other favorite topping, the instant crunch created by the addition of  nuts is something I can’t express . I love to crush up almond flakes and roll the strawberries in them. Adding in a crunchy ingredient to your list of toppings will help to break up the  experience so that all of your different chocolate coated strawberries will be remembered as all being unique.

When applying the toppings I would suggest leaving the freshly dipped strawberries to partially set for a few minutes. If you rush into applying the toppings to early the toppings might not stick to the molten chocolate coating, instead you might just end up painting some runny dark chocolate onto your carefully laid out toppings.


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