Planting strawberries in a hanging basket

strawberry plant hanging basketPlanting a strawberry plant into an existing hanging basket can be rather tricky but I have a great tip that can make it very easy. When you try to push in a plant it gets stuck and its normally hard to get it all the way in.

In the picture I’m transplanting a two to three month old runner into a hanging basket, the runner was growing on another basket that is already full of strawberry plants. If your interested in making a strawberry hanging basket have a look at our Hanging Basket page.

When getting the strawberry plant ready reduce the root ball down. If the root ball is very large compared to the hole it will be going in then gently pull away any excessive thin roots. You can also gently roll the plants root ball in your hand elongating the mass and narrowing the root ball down to a size that will fir in the hole in the coconut hanging basket.

making a hole in coconut husk

Make a hole in the strawberry hanging basket by firstly cutting a small slit in the coconut hanger. Push your pruning shears into the slit cut in the hanger then rotate the shears around to widen the hole. To make the hole large just stretch it out with your fingers until your happy, be sure not to make it too large. Now you need to dig out a hole in the dirt to suit the length of the root mass of the strawberry plant.



planting in a hanging basketAnd now the trick to planting a strawberry into an existing strawberry hanging basket. To easily slide the new strawberry plant into the hole cut two rectangular lengths of thin plastic plastic. You use the two pieces of plastic to enclose the root system of the plant so it doesn’t get caught as your pushing it into the hole. If you use two pieces you can pull each piece out separately once you have planted the strawberry in the hanging basket.



planted strawberry in basketYou can use this technique to plant anything into an existing basket, flowers or herbs and of course our favorite, strawberries. I hope this helped anyone struggling with figuring out how to plant a strawberry plant into a hanging basket.

Written by Chocstrawberry